Noun : historical
An early photographic process in which negatives were made using paper coated with silver iodide.
Origin : mid 19th century : from greek kalos ‘beautiful’ + type.

Welcome to CALOTYPES. A place that belongs to history, to a different era.

In here, we are old - timers. Not because of our age but because we time the old. We believe that we are all vintage souls because old excites us as much as new does. We know that the only thing better than a set of new pictures, is a set of old pictures. For us old doesn't come with an expiry date. It stands before us ready to change, ready to transform into something new. Old which has lived an era, old which has been there and done that, old which has gracefully aged, old which is now a is legacy. Old which we will transform into new.

At Calotypes, we restore and resurrect your old pictures, innovating them into a 'memologue' (a memory compilation) that simply suits the ambience of your home. It camouflages itself to your luxury till it becomes one of your most loved possessions. We simply make sure it is everything that you would like to boast about. We compel it to tell your story, your way, the grand way.

It's not just a memologue that you get from us and we are not just a service for you. It's an experience we share with you, of reliving your past. It's about bringing the little details out in the open, its like gifting your past with a bundle of words and pictures.

To experience this one of its kind journey, contact us and we shall be honoured to walk to you and give you a small demonstration of what we can do for you. Call us before the incidents fade away into your memory.

Eventually, we all will be old faces in photographs.

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